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A New Day

So I recently wrote a post on Growing Up And today, no more than 24 hours after Nadia leaves for the UK, and with Sara leaving today, something manifests that test of coping with the changes in adulthood.

I woke up today and my phone decides to stop working after it ran out of battery. When I brought it to the service center, I’m told that in order to check it’s software, (even if it’s not the ultimate issue at hand) all my data will be lost.

Now I know I should have backed up my data. And I didn’t for a few (foolish) reasons- a) my cable was stolen along with my laptop and it’s accessories and I have yet to buy a new cable. b) my bluetooth has not been working for some time and can’t use that to transfer either and c) the reason I haven’t dealt with problems a and b is because I’m mildly technophobic. (I realize it is ironic I choose to address my technophobia on the internet.)

So when the Nokia rep told me I was to lose all data saved in the phone, I was so crushed. I kept kicking myself about not backing up data, but mostly, that it was my own damned fault I’m not only losing contact info, but all those messages and pictures with/from my loved ones, especially Tigah.

Most of you already know that Tigah and I are in a long distance relationship. And little things like text messages, offline messages/links to funny videos left on Skype, pictures in your phone and wallet, are the things that disguise the distance between us. So I’m not just being nostalgic, that’s my air right there.

But as I was buying my temporary phone that, to rub salt in the wound, was only available in LILAC (somewhere my cousin Jaja is going HOMAIGAWD I WAN!), I tried to calm myself down.

I realized something then. I have an entire lifetime to look forward to with Tigah. I have many more firsts- weddings, a new home, new recipes to try out with him, new places to go, and one fine day, new life. 
And the same goes to all the messages I kept from people I love. My friends who just drop an “I Love You” out of the blue. Or my mother’s long messages about how she has always believed in me. Or my dad’s rare “Dah makan?” message, to be read as I Love You, but I’m too macho to say it.
The data does not hold those memories. I do. And I still have all my loved ones with me to continue making memories. And that’s what I should be thankful for.

Plus, maybe this is my phone’s way of saying, let’s start anew. Old friends who are here to stay, and new friends that we welcome into our lives.
Besides, you know. There’s still Facebook.

So there you are, Life. I totally made lemonades outta you. 

  • 19 September 2011
  • 22